Gil Duldulao


Gil Duldulao is one of the most sought after artistic directors in the music industry today. From dance student to professional dancer to mega-artist choreographer, Gil Duldulao has climbed the ranks of the creative ladder in an astounding short period. Truly an island boy at heart, Gil studied dance at Big City Productions and 24/7 DanceForce on Oahu Hawaii, far away form the glitz and glam of Hollywood.
At age 16, Gil landed himself a dance scholarship at the EDGE Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. Before he knew it he was soon dancing for some of the biggest stars on earth, including: Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney spears, Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Ricky Martin, Tina Turner to name but a few.
Saturating the Pop world with his amazing dance talent, directors as well as superstar artists were taking note of his potential as a choreographer. His first opportunity to show his choreography on a global level was on none other than the legend Tina Turner’s ’24/7 World Tour.’ Since then, Gil’s resume in choreography and artistic direction reads like the guest list at the Grammy’s but Gil has gained most notoriety in the industry for his wildly creative input in the performances and videos of Pop icon Janet Jackson: Multiple world and promo tours, dozens of television performances, and a handful of state of the art music videos; Gil has definitely left his permanent mark in the world of dance and live performance. And not to think Gil is limited to the small screen and stage, his artistry can be seen on the big screen in movies such as Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ and ‘Carmen The Hip Hopera.’Dance and the performing arts have been therapy to Gil and an inspiration to progress on his journey through life. Being a perfectionist, he is seldom completely satisfied with his work, but that is not to say he is unaware that much of his audience think his work is nothing less than inspirational. As humble as he is, there are moments when Gil is truly proud of his work; At the MTV Video music Awards in 2009, Gil brought together the most astonishing collection of dancers and choreographers on stage in a truly moving dance tribute to the late Michael Jackson- it was a time for Gil when he knew the art itself, rather than multiple artists, shall honor The King of Pop. Gil also had the honor to Direct and choreograph the Janet Jackson tribute at the 2015 BET Awards as she received “The Ultimate Icon Award”. Gil recently has Directed the critically acclaimed “Unbreakable World Tour” Janet Jackson and also Co Directed his first Music Video “Figure 8” Maliibu and Helene from Island Records. From laid-back Hawaii to the manic panic of the entertainment world, Gil feels truly blessed for all the people who have shown support and provided opportunity for him, and hopes that somehow his art contributes to someone following their own dream. If Gil Duldulao’s future holds even but a fraction of what he has accomplished already, then we can expect nothing less than to be continuously astounded by his art, his artistry and his belief that one should follow their passion and achieve their dreams. Gils Credits: Tina Turner, Jlo, Nicki Minaj, Macys, Katy Perry, Charice Pempengco, Demi Lovato, Aubrey O’ day, Nick Jonas, Megan and Liz, Pepsi, Acuvue, Kmart, Will and Grace, Disney’s “Shake It Up”, Maliibu & Mitch and The Bad Boy Reunion Tour.

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